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His will be Done

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His will be Done

1 Sam 3:18 “And he said, It is the Lord: let him do what seemeth him good.”

Eli judged Israel until Samuel took over. Because Eli failed to raise his sons the way the Lord had said, God told Eli that he would was done. The Bible says that “The Word of the Lord was precious in those days.” After God spoke to Samuel, Eli asked what God had said about him. Samuel held nothing back about what God had said and Eli says these words:
“It is the Lord: let him do what seemeth him good.”
I couldn’t help but read this and reflect on all the times my heart disagreed with the way “God ran things.” Me, the created, was upset with the Creator on how He did what seemed good unto Him. I never once stopped to think that “My God can not do but that which is best.” I only thought of me and my way.
Oh God forgive my selfish thoughts. Forgive me for the times I said with my words or actions, “My will and not Thine.”
Lord I ask, from now on, “Please do what seemeth good unto Thee in my life.”

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