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In a world of Change

Winning Souls For Christ

In a world of Change

“But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭102:27‬ ‭

Not many like the word change. We often fear the unknown and shy away from those who are changing around us.

Change isn’t always a bad thing. If something or someone changes for the good then we rejoice! But think about this…

We have a God Who is perfect in Love and judgment. A God that doesn’t make us “pay for our own problems” but rather paid for them for us!

The same God Who parted the waters, took down a giant, walked in a fire, and rose from the grave, is the same God we can have a relationship with today.

What is sad is that God has never once changed, and sadly there are nations that have never heard of Him once. We need to change that. Who have you told this week of that Unchanging God?

My prayer: Father in Heaven, thank you for never changing. Thank you for your never ending and never failing Love. I pray that you’ll change me though, for I do need changing. Make me more like You, so that the lost and dying soul can hear and change too.

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