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Psalm 51 – The 4 Questions

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Psalm 51 – The 4 Questions

— Historical Context

A. The Book of Psalms is divided into 5 books. There are many different authors. Most written by King David but some go back to as far as Moses.

We do know that the Psalms were written to be sung. Back in these days, they didn’t have paper like we do, so to memorize God’s Word they would sing about it.

Over and over again you will see the word “Trust” in Psalm. As well as the word “praise.” The big picture of Psalms is that in the hard times and the good times we are to trust and praise our Great Lord! There are times when David says things like “Where are you God? Why can’t I feel you near?” And other times when he is rejoicing that God is always by him. Either way, Davis trusts and praises God.

B: As you can see from the very beginning of this chapter, it gives us an update on what happened before. David has just slept with Bathsheba and Nathan the prophet has confronted him about his sin. David was crushed and starts writing down this Psalm.

— Theology

  • We have a God that shows mercy. In Ex 33:19, God tells Moses He can’t be bartered with. He will show mercy on whom He will show mercy. He isn’t like the “gods” of Taiwan. Where you have to scratch the gods back and they will scratch yours. No, Out God shows mercy BECAUSE He is a loving God! “According to thy lovingkindness.” and Because of His “tender mercies”! We have a God that simply has mercy on us and blots out our sin because He is such a loving and wonderful God! Not because we are able to please Him by our gifts or works. (vs 1)
  • Our God has the power to cleanse us from our sins! (vs.2)
  • When we sin, it is against God alone. He is the one that created us and is worthy of our obedience. When we fail, it is against no one else except our God. Which should be enough reason to not want to fail Him at all. (vs.4)
  • David says that this is why God has the right to judge us. We are His creation and He has given us so many things that tells us He is there. His creation and His very Word we have no excuse for our sins. (Vs4b)
  • The Lord doesn’t just desire truth from the outside, but he wants truth to come from the inside of us. Remember, David sinned and tries to cover it up but God knows the inward parts of our hearts. This inward trust is something that comes from the Lord. (vs.6)
  • God corrects us when we fall into sin (that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice). He doesn’t do this out of hatred toward us, but out of Love. (vs.8)
  • He also wants to restore us and let us have joy and gladness. (vs.8)
  • The salvation He offers has a joy with it, but our joy can be taken away by our failure and sin. (vs. 12)
  • Because of God’s goodness to us even when we fail, unsaved people that see will want to give their hearts to Him. The world doesn’t know of a God that forgives and has love like ours!
  • Our God is righteous and brings salvation. He can forgive even the sin of murder. ( vs 14)
  • Believe it or not, it not sacrifice the Lord wanted and David knew that. It didn’t work for King Saul it wasn’t going to work for God. Why? Because He isn’t a God that can be bribed. The sacrifice the Lord desires is a broken and crushed heart to do His will. (vs. 16-17)

— How is it fulfilled in Jesus?

There are so many wonderful things about our amazing God in this passage. And each one of them points to Christ in some way and some how. As we have seen, this God is a loving God. A Forgiving God. A Tender mercies God. A God Who has the power to forgive sins. But David also said He is a God that judges our sin. How can He judge our sin AND be a forgiving God? The answer is JESUS! Because of Jesus Christ being place on the cross for our sins, the judgment that was meant for me was place on Him. Everything about our Amazing God in this chapter became a Man in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It all points to Jesus. He came to save us from our sins. His love and tender mercies placed Him on that cross for us. Christ had/has the power to forgive sins! Remember the passage when Christ meets the lame man and says your sins are forgiven, rise up and walk? Christ was and Is fully God and fully man! Christ had a broken and crushed heart for us ans that’s what placed Him on the cross. He died to please His Father in Heaven and save us from our sins. What a wonderful God!

— Application.

I know that I have failed over and over again but praise the Lord I have a God that forgives my sin. I must remember that it isn’t money that the Lord desires of me (Like a sacrifice). The Lord desires my heart to be broken and crushed for Him. When my heard to broken for His, I wont work for my wants, needs, or desires. My effort will go into pleasing my Heavenly Father. How did Christ ultimately show His broken and crushed heart? By going to the cross. Am I willing to die for my Savior? As I prepare to go to Taiwan, and give my life if need be for Jesus? He is worthy of it all and the world need to hear of His wonderful love, mercy and forgiveness before its too late.

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