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Encourage Your Pastor

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Encourage Your Pastor

Believe it or not, your pastor needs your encouragement during this time! 

Here are five things you can do this next week to encourage your pastor and his wife: 

1. Write them a letter or email – Write them a note about the impact the ministry is having on your life. Don’t assume they know or hears it all the time. Chances are they don’t. And if everyone thinks the same, they will usually receive far more criticism than encouragement. So send them a quick note, text, email now! 

2. Serve with them – Don’t make them beg for you to serve the church…or give to the church. Carry out your role as someone who loves the church. Find a place to serve. Support the church financially.

3. Surprise them – Surprise him and his wife by taking them out to a nice place to eat. Talk with them about something other than your problems.

4.  Find the problem – Find out what problem in the church that, if solved, would move the church forward in the coming year. Then, roll up your sleeves and offer to help the leadership solve it.

5. Pray for him daily –  Then call him and tell him you’re doing just that and ask him for his prayer requests—pray for his wife, too.

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