Adam & Ashley Walz to Taiwan

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Winning Souls For Christ

The 4 Questions for Luke 6

— History * Christ has been doing many marvelous miracles to the point that people are saying things like, “we have seen strange things today.” (5:26) Jesus had just Peter, James, John and Levi before this chapter and they have “left all” to follow Him. Some were fishermen, others were tax collectors. No matter the…
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By John Walz – Missionary to Taiwan Question One —What is the Historical-Literary background necessary to understand this passage? Explain the necessary background of the biblical themes in this passage ie. How does the Bible previously develop themes such as Rest, Judgement, Forgiveness, etc? Mention any details from the local context as well as from the Bible’s…
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Psalm 56 – 4 Questions

Psalms 56 — Historical This Psalm was written when David ran to Ziglag. He has no home, he has been running from those who seek his life for some time now. He feels alone. No one understands him and the weight of the world is crashing down. He is afraid and probably emotionally and physically…
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Luke 3 – The 4 Questions

4 Questions from Luke 3 — Historical Context B: Christ is born just as the scripture said He would. Of a virgin, in Bethlehem, in a place that had no room for Him. Shepherds came to His birth. All the OT prophesies came true of His birth, not missing one. The Bible also mentions His…
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Psalm 51 – The 4 Questions

— Historical Context A. The Book of Psalms is divided into 5 books. There are many different authors. Most written by King David but some go back to as far as Moses. We do know that the Psalms were written to be sung. Back in these days, they didn’t have paper like we do, so…
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Who is the Lord and why should you obey Him?

In Exodus chapter 5 verse 2, we find a ruler ask one of the most important questions anyone could ever ask. He asked the question…              “And Pharaoh said, Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go?” Who is the Lord and why should I obey Him? What a powerful…
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Why would a “loving” God allow….?

Have you ever asked yourself the famous question “Why would a loving God allow this to happen?” I mean seriously! Why WOULD a so called “loving” God allow suffering, sickness, diseases, and death? If He was so loving, it would seem to me that He would START loving those who need Him the most during…
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5 Reasons why your church needs a missionary in Taiwan.

1. The religion of Taiwan. There are over 23.78 million souls that live in Taiwan. Over 93% of Taiwanese practice religions such as; Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.  4.5% would say they are Christian, but this would include Protestants, Catholics, Latter-Day Saints, and other non-denominational Christian groups. Over 15,000 temples can be found in the country…
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Luke 1:1-25

Background      If you are like me when I first started really studying Gods’ Word, you probably at one-point thought Luke was a disciple of Christ; well, he wasn’t. Luke was a physician and you will notice as you study his books (Acts included) that he goes into a lot of detail about Christ’s healing…
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